Introducing SheetPress – A WordPress Plugin to Connect with GoogleSheets

Introducing SheetPress – A WordPress Plugin to Connect with GoogleSheets

We are living in the world where things are getting faster every day. So all of us rely on technology which is all about making things easy and smooth to manage in time. In past, we have seen a great revolution of connecting technologies to get things done more efficiently. The concept of API has boosted this transition to next level as we can see it today. Keeping the same in mind we at WP Geniuz thought to connect Google Sheets with WordPress and build a new WordPress plugin SheetPress.

With Sheet Press, we are trying to experiment the possibilities of managing WordPress with Google Sheets. In our initial release ( which you can get from ), we have demonstrated the possibility to manage Post title, categories, tags, excerpt and Yoast SEO metadata using Google Sheets.

How Does It Work?

  1. Just like all other plugins you can get it from dashboard add new plugins window with the search string “sheetpress”.
  2. Once installed and activated a new tab labeled SheetPress will appear on the dashboard. From settings page, you would first have to connect with Google Sheets. You may find complete steps over here.
  3. Once connected you will get the message “Google Account Successfully Authorized”.
  4. By now you will have the option to push posts and pages from  WordPress to Google Sheets and vice versa.

Possible Usage:


If someone has created hundreds of posts and later on decides to link categories or create proper excerpts for each post, doing so with WordPress edit window may take time to update each post individually with the new changes.
Using SheetPress this can be done more efficiently in excel view, and one can update all posts with a single click.


It’s a really handy tool if someone (using Yoast SEO) is looking for some SEO expert to help with proper meta info for their posts but would not like to share dashboard access. In such scenario, one can easily generate Google sheet containing all existing WordPress posts with SheetPress and can share that Google Sheet with SEO guy. Once All meta info is updated and reviewed in sheet, from dashboard admin can click and sync all that info in a blink of an eye.


It’s just the beginning of digging possibilities of using Google Sheets with WordPress. With its extended API and complete documentation, there are great possible things that we can do here.

Would love to hear about your opinion of  SheetPress as a tool to manage WordPress.

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